Gaditana XXVII

We run a small but exclusive breeding of high-quality Pura Raza Española -PRE since 2002. We always go for quality over quantity , and have selected our breeding stock with great accuracy. During our years as a breeder , ultimately we have found our way. We have chosen to direct our breeding at Cardenas bloodlines , where we found what we were looking at the Spanish horse. We also use Yeguada Militar - blood , just as Mr. Cardenas himself made several times in history. Our goal is to produce beautiful, functional horses that work in Swedish and international dressage and that is a joy to sit on. We want horses with excellent breed type and movement , and particularly the noble expression, which is so typical of Cardenas horses . We are very ambitious to show our horses when possible and our horses have been awarded many champion titles of Spanish judge on morphological championship. Our stallions are trained and competed also in dressage .

Our first broodmare Larrabezúa was an absolutely fantastic mare, which we found and bought thanks to our dear friend Enrique de Benito, owner of Yeguada BRH in Spain. Enrique went with us and showed this mare that was far out in Extremadura near the Portuguese border. Enrique promised that she was worth the trip and he was so right. Larrabezúa was unique and we are so proud and happy that we got to own her!

2003 we expanded the stud with another mare and were once again helped by Enrique and Luiz Rodriguez Gomez to find a suitable mare. Luiz, who is a veterinarian, breeder and ANCCE breed judge had judged this excellent mare at shows several times. Gaditana XXVII became our second mare!