About Pepino

The stud was started in 2002 when we traveled to Spain to buy a Spanish mare. We came home with a pregnant mare with foal at foot (Larrabezúa), sire Zagal XI and legendary Odre from Cardenas Stud. From here, our business has evolved over the years and today we are perhaps Scandinavia's most renowned companies when it comes to Spanish horses! From the beginning been a stud, today we have many branches in our business.

The stud is obviously still here and we have a small but exclusive breeding of high-quality Pura Raza Española - PRE. We always go for quality over quantity, and have selected our breeding stock with great accuracy. During our years as a breeder, ultimately we have found our way. We have chosen to direct our breeding at Cardenas bloodlines, where we found what we were looking for in the Spanish horse. We also use Yeguada Militar-blood, just as Mr. Cardenas himself made several times in history. Our goal is to produce beautiful, functional horses that work in Swedish and international dressage and that is a joy to sit on. We want horses with excellent breed type and movement, and particularly the noble expression, which is so typical of Cardenas horses. We are very ambitious to show off our horses when possible and our horses have been awarded many champion titles of Spanish judge on morphological championship.

Stallions have always been an important part of business and we always have current stallions of top quality breeding. They are availible with cooled semin and are collected at our facilites at home. Semin may be sent to stations across the country! When this activity was at its top we inseminated 70-80 mares annually with semen from all over Europe! Today, we only collect our own stallions. However, it is not impossible that we open up the receiving station again in some years!

To sell and convey horses is today perhaps the ting occupying most of time in the day's activities. Pepino PRE has sold and conveyed some 120 Spanish horses until 2014. We are entirely focused on the Iberian horse and regularly buy in horses, both from Spain and Sweden to develop and then sell. A great part of the horses we sell are passed from one customer to another. We take pride in doing an honest and accurate assessment of the horse and then place it with just the right buyer. A happy and satisfied new PRE-owner is our best customer! 
We gladly welcome visitors to come and see our horses by appointment! Welcome to Pepino PRE!