Tanteo MAC

Born 2009
Sire Clasico MAC
Dame Fauna MAC
Breeder Miguel Angel de Cardenas
Size 172 cm
Owner Stuteri Pepino PRE

Tanteo MAC were bred at the legendary Cardenas stud in Spain. He was imported to Sweden the fall of 2011, carefully selected for his bloodline, his type, movements, and not least for his mild temperament that is so classic for Cárdenas-horses.
Tanteo MAC is one of the last sons of the amazing Clasico MAC - Reproductor calificado, twice CAMPEÓN DE ESPAÑA and a prominent sire with many offspring of the highest quality. Also Tanteos grandfather Ranchero III has won the honorable title of Campeon DE ESPAÑA, like his grandfather - the legendary Gastador VIII. Tanteo comes from safe inheritance Cárdenas-maternal, which has left several Champions and successful dressage horses. Tanteo MAC is a very strong sire!

Tanteo MAC is a tall, moving stallion of good size and excellent breed type. He is very correct and has strong bones, great topline, super neck and a beautiful head. We are proud to offer a stallion of his class here in Sweden. His offspring born in 2013 is amazing! They are consistently tall, strong boned, expressive, moves very well and with amazing characters! 
Tanteo is availible with transported cooled semen and has an amazing fertility. He has had 100% of pregnant mares in both 2012 & 2013.

Tanteo MAC is a very safe choice if you want to breed a great sport horse for dressage and / or breeding!

Tanteo offsprings


In May 2012, Tanteo participated at his first mofological championship. He behaved himself very well and won convincingly the title JOVEN CAMPEON DEL CONCURSO - youngstock champion with high 96.5 points. Tanteo scored highest for head, neck and cheast (8) and got a full 9 points for breed type and overall impression. A lovely start to Tanteos show career. 
We went all the way to Norway in June 2012. Once again Tanteo showed what an amazing horse he is by winning the title JOVEN CAMPEON DEL CONCURSO. Double Champion at two exhibitions that is! 
The end of the Tanteos show season in 2012 was Swedish Championships at Stromsholm. In the fierce competition was Teo nevertheless the obvious winner and got this weekend's highest exterior point. 
2013 Tanteo was not shown at all in 2013 but will now appear again on morfolocical shows in 2014!