Elegida MAC

Elegida was with us 2011-2013. She is now owned by Örnaholms PRE

Elegida i Spanien 2011
Born 1996
Sire Tribuno IV
Dame Palmera V
Breeder Yeguada Cardenas
Size 160 cm
Elegida på utställning i Åstorp 2012

This mare we imported from Spain in summer 2011. She became the first pure Cardenas mare in Sweden and we are very proud that she is with us. Elegida has produced several foals at the Cardenas stud and she has been a very productive mare . We hope she can give us some more foals before age takes its toll . Elegida has a very good Cardenas strain without being too closely related to our Tanteo MAC. When we bought her she had Tiburon P at his side and the spring of 2012 , she gave birth Unico P. She was then inseminated with Tanteo MAC and the result of this mating was beautiful Altea de Pepino . The winter in 2013 we sold Altea & Elegida to Örnaholms PRE in Gislaved. Elegida pregnant with Marinero MG !
Elegida is the sister of Ecuador MAC, a brown stallion Don Cardenas himself was very fond of but who unfortunately passed away from colic too soon. Furthermore , she has the classic line of Vasallo II and Valido . Elegida can provide color and has had both brown and buckskin offspring !

Elegida & Altea de Pepino, 2013