Marinero MG

Född 2009
Efter Morisco XII
Undan Marinera CV
Höjd 168 cm
Ägare Stuteri Pepino PRE

Around the world, the interest in the golden Spanish horses exploded over the last few years. So even in Sweden and we are therefore very pleased that we have managed to acquire this very high quality and moving stallion with his golden color! Marinero MG is an impressive horse with a truly wonderful temperament! Under the saddle, he shows an amazing talent! Well balanced and positive, he is a dream to ride, with a tremendous power and great willingness to work!
Marineros father derived from the prestigious Paco Marti stud who has specialized at breeding golden PRE-horses. Paco Marits breedings are found worldwide and are highly sought after. Morisco XII himself is a stallion that left several offspring in Marineros class. Marineros dameline we find lines from Lovera & Escalera. We would argue that his trunk is very interesting, no matter what color the foal would get!

Despite his golden colour, there is no doubt of what breed this horse belongs to, and he is a very good representative of the Spanish horse! MARINERO will appear in morfological shows in 2014. He is trained in dressage and will eventually also compeet in dressage. He will not leave anyone indifferent ...   
Marinero MG is availible by transported cooled semen (TAI). In 2013 15 mares were inseminated and all became pregnant.

Marinero MG´s genetic colour is BAYO with genetic code: ggEEAACCrppchchzz

Marinero offspring