Born 1998
Sire Odre
Dame Lemanita
Breeder Luiz Miguel Escobar Martinez
Size 167 cm

Alhaja is one of Odres few offspring. For unknown reasons Odre was used very lilttle as a studstallion, although he was a multiple Champion. For example at Campeonato de España when he was 3 years old. Enrique de Benito, who owned Odre when we first met him in Spain in 2001, has another daughter to him. This Bribona is his best brood mare! 
Alhaja already have 8 offspring, and thus has been a very productive mare. She leaves offspring of a very high standard, just as she herself holds. Alhaja is a queen. She is incredibly intelligent and humble. She appears once in the paddock among all other mares, and this is not just because of her size, she is magnificent and has a charisma that very few horses possess. Her father Odre's is fram the Cardenas stud and Alhajas mom is pure Yeguada Militar.
Alhaja was born in Spain but was imported to Sweden. Here she has offspring with Jubon and Velazquez II. Here with us, she immediately became pregnant with Razonado MAC, as he is a perfect match for her. After his death will Alhaja now go to Tanteo MAC in the future. Maybe we will cover her with Marinero  this year. Alhaja can provide exciting colors, so of course it would be exciting to use our golden prince on her. We are so proud to have this mare with us!

Alhaja & jag hösten 2013
Alhajas halvsyster Bribona IX ägare www.yeguadabrh.con